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I'm sure that someone somewhere has done scientific research about how long it takes for people to decide whether or not they like a song. For some songs, you need to wait till you get to the 32nd count or at least till the 16th count. With "Sunday Morning" by K-OS, a song I stumbled on tonight, halfway through it, I was hooked after the first 8-count.

I wrote down the lyrics to the chorus, googled, and was led to some links. I skipped those and headed straight to iTunes to download this gem. Why iTunes has this listed as hip-hop/rap is beyond me since this is about as far from what nowadays passes as rap as you can get. It's not really pop either.

What genre is it? I suppose it fits best into the "breath of fresh air" genre.

I read up a bit about K-OS and here's what I've found out: For one thing, he's a mature man...a few months older than moi. He's from Toronto of Trinidadian descent. He's not feeling being a record-industry puppet. He's been doing music his whole life. Oh, and Wikipedia claims he's a Depeche Mode fan. His music is good so I'll trust that fact.

Want to take a listen? You can check out the video for "Sunday Morning" on Youtube. I did a little more investigating and found out that K-OS is playing the House of Blues here in LA tomorrow night with Gym Class Heroes. Tickets are only $14. I may have to get myself over to the Sunset Strip to check him out, if only to sing along, "Everyday is Saturday night...but I can't wait for Sunday morning."

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