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I don't remember exactly when I downloaded "Girl and the Sea" by Australian duo The Presets. But, fortunately, I rediscovered this hypnotic indietronica gem on Friday night as I was shuffling through my iPod while driving to Pasadena.

It's a hauntingly beautiful song and I get especially choked up on this chorus:

"No place, some time
We'll clear our eyes.
And when you're down
I'll come around."

I know they look weird in the masks and all, but trust me, it's a good song. No, actually it's a great song. So great that you can click on this link to watch the video on You Tube. But, I'd recommend just plugging in your headphones, turning up the sound, closing your eyes, and letting the waves of the song wash over you.

I'll come clean and admit that I have no idea what this song "The Creeps" by Camille Jones is really about. Is it about drugs? Is it about going insane? Was it originally written for a scary movie?

I have no idea.

All I know is that the electro-house remix of Camille's "The Creeps" by Fedde Le Grand is damn hot! Camille is a Danish singer and a singing star in her own right. She released "The Creeps" two years ago and it's been remixed a couple of times since then with so-so results. But this song in Fedde Le Grand's hands, man oh man, it's magical.

I'll admit I'm biased since I love Fedde thanks to last year's massive tech-house track "Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit". I'd say he's definitely worked his magic once again. He needs to be remixing Depeche Mode.

Here's the link to the video for "The Creeps" on YouTube if you want to hear what I'm loving these days. I'll warn you, the video is a bit over-the-top sexy but Camille is quite entertaining (and I love her outfit!).

Feel free to turn up the sound and put on your dancing shoes.

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