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I loved it the first time I heard it. It's funky but smooth, and infinitely danceable. Now I remember why I owned so many Strictly Rhythm records back in my younger years. They still crank out the best house music. And the singer, Nelson, is pretty fly!

I can't sleep. What else is new... so I listen to a song called "Insomnia", because it fits.

I'm sure over on my main blog, Los Angelista, everybody is totally sick of me talking about Depeche Mode.

It's only going to get worse as the days go by because we only have two weeks left till their new record, Sounds of the Universe (A/K/A SOTU) comes out. I am totally on the verge of losing my mind!

And so, lo and behold, I was wandering around on the Amazon site on Monday night and came across a little promo video snippet with the song "Peace". (Spoiler alert: if you don't want to hear the song, don't click "play").

I'll confess, when I first heard this song, I thought it was a little on the old-school cheese side of things, but I can NOT stop listening to it. It's old school done right and damn, the beat has got some bounce. Seriously, you can do all those dirty south bounce kind of dances to it. Trust me, I've tried!

How many times can I listen on repeat in a row???

Kylie Minogue just keeps churning out the hits. This morning I haven't been able to stop dancing around to 2008's "Wow".

She's just fabulous and the song has so much energy. It's the perfect track for a gloomy Monday.

In honor of the Groundhog seeing it's shadow and predicting six more weeks of winter, I can't help but listen to one of the most depressing "winter" songs ever: "Winter Kills" by Yaz.

Yes, you know when a song has "winter" and "kills" in it, it's not gonna be an inspirational ditty. Never fear, this could be just the ode to cold and darkness that you need to get you through the next six weeks. You may cry every time you hear it, but at least lead singer Alison Moyet's haunting vocals, and the stripped down arrangement, will make you savor the tears even more.

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