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I love it when I hear a song that I immediately become so obsessed with that I have to play it non-stop for a few days. That's the case with Dutch singer Camille Jones' incredibly danceable track, "Difficult Guys". It's been in heavy rotation on my iPod since I came across it on Christmas Day. What a wonderful Christmas present this song is proving to be.

I've been a fan of Jones' music since discovering her last year via the incredible Fedde Le Grand remix of her song, "The Creeps". That tune was a mega-smash in the dance/electronica world, and she meets the high bar set with "Difficult Guys," a tune which every woman who has been interested in the "wrong" kinds of guys can relate to. Jones is quite gorgeous so it seems hard to imagine her having a hard time finding a guy. But we all know the difference between finding a guy and finding the "right" kind of guy.

One of the things I enjoy about Jones is that she doesn't over-sing her songs. She belts out just enough energy, purring her way through convincingly. If "Difficult Guys" doesn't make you move your feet, it might be time for you to go in for a check-up to see if you still have a pulse.

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